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Jean-luc Doumont
You call this a “presentation”?

While I was viewing the LinkedIn profile of a prospect recently,
my attention was caught by the ad shown below, encouraging
users to “embed a presentation” on their profiles. Once again,
I was struck by the conception of a presentation perpetuated
by both the words and the illustration on this ad. I point out
here three instances of what I consider to be a misconception.

LinkedIn application ad

First and most important,
the “presentation” you are
invited to embed on your
profile is a deck of slides,
and I would strongly argue
that a presentation cannot
and should not be reduced
to a PowerPoint slide show.

Second, and while it may be useful to make a deck of slides
available to all on the Web, it does not follow automatically
that slides are the best medium for getting your point across,
in particular when your purpose here is to “present yourself”.

Third, the illustration, reminiscent of the PowerPoint logos,
suggests that slides are all about pie charts and bullet points.
How can we hope to ever improve upon the abysmal quality
of the average slide if this is the image we keep referring to?
(Implicit in this representation, of course, is the assumption
that slides are necessarily created in PowerPoint; the image
of the tool ends up influencing the image of the end result.)

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